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Friday Morning Green Bay Packers, NFL News And Links: Vince Lombardi's Grave, Pete Prisco Being Dumb

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The reading just gets more and more interesting with every day the lockout goes by. I would really, really like it if I could write about reports of the progression or stagnation of young players participating in minicamps, but instead we have stupid crap like overrated-underrated lists and more lockout speculation from people that have no idea what they're talking about. This weekend, I'm going to order the UFC card and pretend it's football. Here are your Friday morning Green Bay Packers and NFL news and links.

Greg Jennings: "We Need Training Camp" | Cheesehead TV

Greg Jennings tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that NFL players need training camp.

Williams freshens Evans' memories |

If you didn't know, Doug Evans and Tramon Williams went to the same college.

Packers Youth Football Camps Offer Experienced Message From Former Players | Cheesehead TV

Alumni such as Ahman Green, Bill Schroeder and Bryce Paup are taking part in this summer's youth football camps around the state.

Green Bay Packers news | Guest column: We never abandoned Vince's gravesite, Lombardi family says | Green Bay Press Gazette

A clarification on previous articles about the maintenance of coach Vince Lombardi's gravesite. Please read.

Rodgers will make pitch for workouts | 540 ESPN Milwaukee

Another good Jason Wilde column. I really hope all of the players get on the same page on this.

What's going on around SB Nation after the jump

Personnel Moves I'd Make When The Lockout Is Lifted: Sign a number of UDFA's - Hogs Haven

Why the Redskins should be aggressive in signing undrafted players, and what names might be on their shortlist.

Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt Arrested. For Sure. - Music City Miracles

A fun read!

Player Spotlight: Running Back Harvey Unga - Windy City Gridiron

Closing out the Player Spotlight series with 2nd year RB Harvey Unga, who should get a chance at valuable playing time this year. It's hard not to support a guy who got kicked out of college for...drumroll...having sex with his girlfriend.

Tyrone McKenzie is making Barrett Ruud obsolete for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Bucs Nation

Very good analysis about why Barrett Ruud might be out of a job when the lockout ends.

Pete Prisco's overrated-underrated list - Calling Asante Samuel overrated is beyond stupid - Bleeding Green Nation

I think the worst thing about discovering that I could read about football on the internet was the discovery of Pete Prisco. And before you say 'Mike Florio,' Pro Football Talk didn't exist (or at least had less than 1,000 page views a month) when I discovered Prisco. This is not a personal attack, I just happen to think he's very bad at his job.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.