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ESPN Recognizing The Underrated Josh Sitton

ESPN's Kevin Seifert and John Clayton had kind words for Green Bay Packers RG Josh Sitton. From the NFC North Blog:

Sitton is without question the Packers' most powerful run-blocker, helping the Packers average 4.48 yards per carry up the middle in 2010, according to NFL statistics. He has elevated his pass-blocking to a near-equal status.

And he's starting on John Clayton's All-Underrated Team. But he's the only Packer included. The list is looking for productive players who have never been a 1st round pick or been to a Pro Bowl, which does exclude a lot of Packers. Here's a couple players who came to mind:

TE Jermichael Finley. I'd take him in a minute over Clayton's chosen starter, Brent Celek. But he's looking for players who have been productive, and due to Finley's injuries over the past couple seasons, his actual production is limited. He's more about potential then production.

LB Desmond Bishop. James Laurinaitis was the chosen starter, and he's a very good player too. I don't watch the Rams, so I couldn't say whether he's better than Bishop.

DE Cullen Jenkins. The All-Underrated team is a little biased against the Packers 3-4 defense by going with a 4-3 alignment, but Jenkins could play at either tackle position in this hypothetical defense. I wouldn't be surprised if Terrance Knighton and Antonio Garay are better against the run than Jenkins, but he's a better pass rusher, which is a rare quality in a defensive tackle.

Was anyone else snubbed?