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Vikings Committed To Arden Hills While L.A. Speculation Continues

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The news on the Minnesota Vikings new Arden Hills stadium had been quiet for a couple weeks. But there's been a flurry of it since Thursday. Tom Pelissero reported that the Vikings remain committed to getting a stadium deal done in Minnesota, although a Los Angeles based group said the Vikings are "in the mix" for a move out west.

Maybe this is just more relocation speculation, and nothing else. Even in the above referenced quote, the Vikings were the last team mentioned out of five. The other teams were the Rams, Jaguars, Raiders, and Chargers. I'm sure that quote has become a P.R. headache for all those other teams too.

While the Vikings have announced plans for a new stadium in Arden Hills, it's still not fully funded. According to the Star Tribune, the Vikings will fill in the $131 million gap by making it very expensive for anyone to use the stadium:

Dayton says the state's contribution won't grow. Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett said the county also reached its limit.

That leaves the Vikings, who are circulating a "user-based finance model" including parking surcharges for special stadium events and sales tax revenue that wouldn't occur but for the stadium.

And the state legislature still has to approve the bill, while trying to avoid a government shutdown. I still expect they'll find a way to get all of this finalized, but they've got a lot of schmoozing left to do before they're finished.