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Percy Harvin Has Been Located

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With the Vikings set to learn a new offense under Bill Musgrave and WR Sidney Rice currently unsigned, it would do well for expected starter Christian Ponder to spend some time with WR Percy Harvin. So far, it hasn't worked out. From ESPN 1500:

Percy Harvin has been located.

A week after missing a microcamp with his new quarterback because he allegedly lost his cell phone, the Minnesota Vikings' leading receiver was in Sioux Falls, S.D., on Thursday for a charity banquet and told KELO-TV he may be seeing Christian Ponder soon.

Based on past experience, it wouldn't seem like Harvin is eager to join any offseason workouts either:

Harvin's absence wasn't entirely a surprise, even though he went to college at the University of Florida -- Ponder went to Florida State -- and does most of his offseason training in the state. He missed more than 40 practices last season because of a variety of issues and didn't come to the Vikings' organized team activity practices last spring either.

Lots of players don't care much for the offseason activities, which are often voluntary but in recent years had nearly complete attendance, so this isn't a big problem. But he's not been a major asset either.