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Quotes From Greg Jennings At His Celebrity Golf Tournament

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The Green Bay Packers were at the Greg Jennings Foundation's celebrity golf tournament on Friday. From JS Online:

Several Packers - including Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews and most of the starters - along with other celebrities, such as former NFL coach Tony Dungy and musician Toby Keith, are expected Friday at the Greg Jennings Celebrity Golf Tournament at Merrill Hills Country Club in Waukesha. There's golf during the day and a party at night. There will be a Super Bowl toast that night as well as a surprise tribute for a player.

His foundation helps underprivileged kids, and will focus on youth and education. He talked about his growing acting career (a future episode of Royal Pains on USA) and his workouts.

"But it's like with 'Criminal Minds,' they kind of stroked my ego: 'You're doing awesome, Greg.' And that was all great to hear, but until I saw it, I didn't believe any of it.

"So I hope I did a good job and it wasn't all talk. This will give me a good gauge on where I am and where I can go with this."

"I'm so dialed in to my training, I've pretty much canceled all my other events,"

"It's more than I would have been doing in Green Bay,"