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More Quotes From The Celebrity Golf Tournament

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Earlier I posted some quotes from Greg Jennings at his celebrity golf tournament. But it was also an opportunity for reporters to get quotes from the other players in attendance. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list, and it doesn't include nearly everything that was said during radio interviews. 

Unless you're breaking the rules like Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris, there isn't an opportunity for Mike McCarthy to talk to his players. But he can send them some messages through talk radio. Brian Carriveau noted that McCarthy would rather see his players at a golf tournament than at organized practices.

Mark Tauscher had some quotes on his future, which I covered in an earlier post

Jordy Nelson was on crutches after the Super Bowl, but now he's back at golf. From JS Online:

"It’s been fine," said Nelson. "It was just a matter of time for the body to absorb all the swelling.

"I ruptured my bursa sac, I pretty much just popped a bubble full of fluid and it swelled up really bad."

"It’s nice to see everyone again. I was joking, it’s like a class reunion, like we won the Super Bowl five years ago and we’re seeing each other for the first time. I haven’t seen mostly any of these guys, for the most part, since the Super Bowl."

Nick Barnett's future with the team might be in doubt, but he's still with them and under contract. From JS Online:

"We usually don't get to go on a Disney Cruise during this time period. We've usually got minicamps. To get out there on a cruise and see different places - I've never been to Europe before - that was exciting. Just decided to take that opportunity."