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Where's A Good Destination For Matt Flynn?

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It's possible that QB Matt Flynn remains with the Green Bay Packers in 2011, but there are some reasons for them to trade him now. His value may never be higher, he might not be under their control past the 2011 season, and it's unlikely the team will pay him like a starter to remain the backup. 

I'd like to see him him succeed with whatever non-NFC North team he winds up with. Some teams still need a quarterback after the draft, and they'll have to address the position in 2011. The draft class of 2012 should be a good one, led by Stanford's Andrew Luck, but no team's management can afford to punt the 2011 season and expect to keep their job long-term.

One such team is the Cardinals. After a Kurt Warner led Super Bowl run, his retirement was part of the reason why they were in shambles last season. They made a great selection with CB Patrick Peterson in the first round, but they still need a quarterback to avoid a lost season. Revenge of the Birds doesn't think a trade is likely, but Flynn has been rumored to the Cardinals. Assuming a trade can be made, what would be in store for him in Arizona?

On the surface, it seems like a great fit. He'd play six games against the NFC West, which features three bad pass defenses. They were all ranked poorly by Football Outsiders, with the Rams the highest at No. 21 overall. Ken Weisenhunt has been their head coach since 2007, so the offensive system is well established. The pass protection isn't great, ranked No. 21 overall by Pro Football Focus, and they didn't draft a single lineman. Obviously having Larry Fitzgerald at wide receiver, and playing all their home games indoors, should provide plenty of scoring opportunities.

I haven't taken a close look at any other team that could trade for him, but overall, I can't imagine a better opportunity for him than with the Cardinals.