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Tramon Williams Has A Charitable Foundation Too

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There's been a lot of Green Bay Packers with charitable foundations. First was the celebrity softball game for Donald Driver's Foundation, and last Friday was the celebrity golf tournament for the Greg Jennings Foundation. Now Tramon Williams spoke about his foundation to Lori Nickel at

"’38 reasons’ is also the name of my foundation. I had the name picked out a long time ago, but I never had a reason to wear this shirt. But I realized that coming to Greg Jennings’ event, it was a perfect time to wear this. 38 Reasons - it kind of clicked as a perfect foundation name. I just got it finalized and it's up and running now."

Some his shirts are pretty good. "Unwanted to untouchable" and "Tramonitized" are the two on the website. 

It appears that his foundation is just getting started, so I would guess it hasn't provided money to any charitable organizations yet. But I know a little bit about foundations in general, and there is some flexibility as to what they can do. If I was a full-time reporter, it would be interesting to spend more time looking into their charitable work. Sometimes it's nice to put a face to their actions, such as the recent surprise scholarship handed out by Michael Vick.