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Where Do The Green Bay Packers Stand?

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I was asked to do a short write-up on the team for the SB Nation Team Page. There's nothing new in the following content, but it's a brief recap on the past few months. And what the future has in store for them.

The Green Bay Packers currently sit on top of the NFL world after winning Super Bowl XLV. The reigning NFL champs can't rest on their laurels because they had an unlikely postseason run. They were the lowest seeded team in the NFC, who had to win their final two regular season games and three road playoff games, before they even advanced to the Super Bowl. The team had been a trendy Super Bowl pick in 2009 and 2010, so the talent is real, but they still have a lot to improve. They haven't even won the NFC North since 2007.

Without any obvious needs in the 2011 draft, the Packers were able to draft players who provide quality depth with an eye to the future. 1st round pick Derek Sherrod could start at left guard next season, or he could become the left tackle after veteran Pro Bowl LT Chad Clifton finally retires. Wide receiver didn't appear to be an area of need, but with one receiver a potential free agent (James Jones) and another close to the end of his career (Donald Driver), the Packers drafted wide receiver Randall Cobb with their second round pick. Many of their remaining picks are backup tight ends and linebackers, who could be valuable players next year as they try to improve their poor special teams punt and kick coverage teams.

The Packers are one of the more outspoken teams who are not organizing player workouts. Aaron Rodgers has explained how hard it is to bring the quarterbacks and wide receivers together when they live all over the country. LB Desmond Bishop doesn't see much value to bringing the defensive players together without their coaches. The one exception is an event at which the offensive linemen gathered in Tennessee for workouts, but that was a relatively easy event to organize because two starters (Clifton and Wells) live just a few minutes drive from each other's houses in the Nashville area. With nearly all their starters expected back, running the same offensive and defensive schemes as last year, and having practiced and played several weeks longer than most other teams on their road to the Super Bowl, the Packers are well positioned to put it all together quickly once the lockout is lifted.

It might be harder to repeat as champions then it is to win the title in the first place, but the Packers are as well positioned as they can be for another title run.