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On The Packers Improved Pass Blocking In 2010

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Pro Football Focus broke down the pass protection for all 32 teams last week, and helpfully posted links to their evaluations after the 2009 season. While the Packers improved from No. 24 in 2009, to No. 16 in 2010, the problems remain the same. The biggest single problem in both seasons can be summed up in two words: Right Tackle.

The second problem remains the same, Aaron Rodgers's tendency to "invite pressure while buying an extra moment" or "taking far too long to get rid of the ball" which could be a problem going forward if he doesn't change his style in an attempt to avoid future concussions. Whether that is something he should do is probably a matter for further debate. I'd rather see him throw the ball away a couple more times per game instead of taking another big hit.

While the first problem is right tackle, based on a strong post season performance by Bryan Bulaga, that problem should diminish in 2011. If the season had ended after their final season game against the Bears, which was Bulaga's worst game of the season, I might feel differently, and he can still get better.

It's a tough position to evaluate based on stats. While I'm happy with the projected starters in 2011, they do have some room to improve.