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LT Joe Thomas On Workouts And The Packers

Browns Pro Bowl LT Joe Thomas has Wisconsin roots, so the Packers came to mind when he was asked about offseason workouts. From Sports Radio Interviews:

Come January and February people were a little bit worn down and those same veteran teams and I think Green Bay is going to be especially rewarded for the team they have. You kinda take a step back and you get a chance to think about other things and refocus your mind and get your body a little bit fresh, think about the rehab and the stretching and the other things you can do in the offseason on your own is going to probably pay off because the season is going to feel shorter and your body is going to be healthier at the end of the year and I think the mind will be a little fresher.

And he mentions something that many players probably agree with:

You certainly don’t need as much as we had. Even in my rookie year by the time the regular season started I’m thinking ‘man is this thing ever going to start?’