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Mike McCarthy On The Lockout And Offseason

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Jason Wilde's complete interview with Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is available online, with a partial transcript at Sports Radio Interviews. I wrote a little bit about this earlier. There are a couple points, with which I agree completely, on what the players and coaches have missed out on so far during the lockout.

From SRI on rookies:

"I think clearly the rookies are going to have the biggest challenge. They’re going to be in an environment they haven’t been in before, they’re transitioning into pro football, so I think it’s pretty obvious. You’re used to getting your rookies on May 16 and they have a good six to eight weeks to get ready for training camp, and that’s been lost."

On their chances to repeat:

"I get that question asked a lot, and I don’t really know how you can quantify that. This lockout, it’s tough on everybody...I’ve always believed in growth in the offseason, and now we’re going to have to get that done in the training camp environment."

On not working with the players:

"Our whole staff feels the same way. We just talked about it Wednesday night...It’s been very odd not seeing the players for this long. Because every year, you’re usually back in the building (together) around March 16."

There's more if you follow the link. It seems like he has a lot of confidence in his coaches and players to get the job done, whenever they can back to work, but this is all outside of his experience. It's obviously not the offseason schedule he prefers, but it's all outside his control.

He also spoke about his Gatorade bath during the Super Bowl. As I was looking through the archive of pictures available to me, there were a couple that had so much Gatorade in the picture, you couldn't even see him. He got soaked.