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Aaron Rodgers Breaks Into The Music Business

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At first I thought it's just a sign that the lockout has gone on for far too long, but Aaron Rodgers says in this interview (via Pro Football Talk) that this is something he's been working on for "a couple of years."

He's started a record label called Suspended Sunrise Recordings, and his first band is called The MakeHere's some background via the band's Tumblr account:

Aaron Rodgers’ (quarterback of the Green Bay Packers) record label, Suspended Sunrise, is excited to announce they are working with a band from Chico, CA called The Make.  Jeff Schneeweis and Trevor Sellers, both former members of the band Number One Gun, and Sarah Ann of See You Soon are the three members that comprise the pop-rock outfit. Rodgers has been long time friends with Schneeweis and Sellers and was an avid fan and supporter of their previous band, Number One Gun.  

I tried to listen to their song in the background of their video blog on You Tube, but it wasn't a very long clip and I'd probably slander them if I tried to compare them to someone based on it. 

Unfortunately for his music career, there's been some progress made on the lockout, and Pro Football Weekly speculated that the June 21 owners meeting might bring the owners together on a new labor deal. He might not be able to hang out on music video sets for too much longer.