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Looking At Clifton and Bulaga In Pass Protection

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Khaled Elsayed has been giving the Green Bay Packers, and probably the entire SB Nation community of NFL bloggers, a lot of stats to analyse over at Pro Football Focus. The latest is on the pass blocking efficiency of tackles in 2010.

With LT Chad Clifton and RT Bryan Bulaga locked in as the starters in 2011, there performance in 2010 are key stats. Pro Football Focus ranked Clifton at No. 11 overall among left tackles, and Bulaga No. 19 overall among right tackles.

He didn't specifically write anything about either player, since they were both ranked close to average. Despite them being at the opposite ends of their careers, both should return better in 2011. Clifton seemed to get better during the season as Mike McCarthy gave him more practices off during the week to rest, and he won't be facing any surgery rehab this offseason. Bulaga was much better during the postseason run. His ranking at No. 19 was solid considering he was a rookie who played all training camp on the left side before a mid-season move to the right side. He'll improve with experience, and he did much better in comparison to other rookie right tackles like J'Marcus Webb and Anthony Davis.