Is Terrelle Pryor a Packer Person?

As OSU continues to implode one bit of news came out today that seems to be interesting. Yes, Terrelle Pryor has decided to enter the Supplemental draft...errr....if there is one. Now I remember when Pryor first decided to go to Ohio State and the rejoicing had by those fans of OSU. I have to admit that I'm not a huge college football guy, so I won't pretend to state that he lived up to all his hype. But hey, that part of his football career now appears to be finished.

Now Pryor is bringing that hype and promise to the NFL. Specifically he's bringing it to a part of the NFL that really doesn't get much attention....the Supplemental Draft. Really this is kinda like the NFL's version of a silent auction, where teams can state the player they want and the draft pick they want to bid for the guy. The form of the draft is for late comers and typically guys who are having eligibility problems. You know, like maybe facing a five game suspension and watching your team fall apart before your eyes.

So now we see Pryor make his way through a rather low key method of entering the NFL. There are many questions surrounding him. Can he be a franchise QB? Can he even really be a QB at the NFL level? What sort of draft pick would Pryor even be worth? Now his agent does have one idea (spoiler it's kinda high), really if it's anything higher than a mid round pick then the GM for that team is kinda high in my opinion.

Let's get down to brass tacks though. As far as we are concerned the main question should be would Pryor be a good fit for the Green & Gold?

The Pros:

Let's be honest and say that backup QB is something that the Packers are going to need to look at sometime in the near future. Flynn is great but is not going to hang around much longer. Harrell is a bag of question marks right now and didn't get to go through QB School this year. So taking a flyer on a guy that could be groomed into something special may not be a bad idea.

Let's also not forget that Mike McCarthy likes to mold young QB's. It wasn't too long ago that he seemed interested in the idea of working with Tim Tebow. Pryor is a guy who would sit and learn behind Rodgers. If he developed into something then great and trade him away. If he needed to switch into a different role then he has the athleticism to do it. Hell, MM could get pretty darn creative with Rodgers, Pryor and Cobb who could all throw and run pretty well.

The Cons:

He's leaving college early for a reason. Basically he had a tough time following the rules of college football. Say what you will about how the NCAA handles these things, he knew the rules and couldn't follow them. That doesn't always playout well in a market like Green Bay.

Also he never really hit is potential as a player from what little I've heard. Taking on a guy to teach up is one thing....taking a guy you have to totally rebuild is another.

Finally, the Packers aren't really a gimmicky offense. Having a guy who can run like Pryor and do some Wild Cat things just doesn't seem the way it's done over at 1265....and even it if it was they just drafted Cobb who should be able to do that just about as well as Pryor could.

The Verdict....

I'm skeptical of a guy who is in the news a lot....even more so if that news landed him in the Supplemental draft. That's a whole bunch of red flags in that case, especially for a QB. He might be worth it for a low round pick, but I just don't see the Packers really that interested in the guy.

What do you all think of this?

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