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Wednesday Green Bay Packers And NFL News And Links: Aaron Rodgers' Path And Lockout Stuffs

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Hey kids, sorry about missing the last couple of days. The good news is I didn't get hit by a car or convert to an ancient religion and give up the internet, I just had a couple of bad days. The bad news is that the day I came back, there were only a couple of decent Packers stories that I came across. So, here is your (slightly shortened) Green Bay Packers and NFL news and links for Wednesday.

In A World Of Self Service, The World Champion Packers Are Bucking The Trend | AllGreenBayPackers.Com

Let's talk about how awesome we are!

Calling Canton: Aaron Rodgers in context - NFC North Blog - ESPN

First in a series on NFC North players whose career trajectory puts them on a path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Unsurprisingly, Aaron Rodgers is one of them.

Best by numbers: No. 80 | continues their numbers series, and a couple of legends have worn this one.

NFL talks yield optimism of avoiding season delay - JSOnline

Don't break out the tailgate gear just yet. An end to the National Football League lockout might not be imminent.

Check out what's going on around SB Nation after the jump

Still room for improvement for Devin Hester - Windy City Gridiron

Devin Hester was destined for greatness the minute he stepped on the field, but he still has room for improvement.

PFF: Jason Peters Was One Of The Best Pass Blocking LTs In The NFL Last Year - Bleeding Green Nation

Pro Football Focus has been continuing their series on pass blocking and QB pressures for the past few weeks and today they published a list of the most efficient pass blocking tackles in the NFL.

Plaxico Burress: New York Jets Are 'Appealing' - Gang Green Nation

So are felonies. Wait.