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Are The Owners and Players Ready To Make A Deal?

The Green Bay Packers training camp schedule isn't set for 2011, but they started last season on July 31. So far in 2011, they've missed the rookie camp and organized team activities. Those are usually scheduled in May and June, but I think they can live without them. As long as they start training camp on time, with enough lead time to get all the unsigned free agents and draft choices signed, they're not missing much. And they're at the same disadvantage as every other team too.

So the renewed optimism first reported by CBS still allows them plenty of time to get ready for the 2011 season. Dan Wetzel wrote that an announcement on June 30 or July 4 is possible.

The two big issues, as detailed by Andrew Brandt, are revenue allocation and revenue upside. There are several other issues, but I expect they'll come to an agreement on them without much difficulty. It's how to split the $9 billion annual pie that's the big issue. On revenue allocation, the owners have already offered a 90% salary cap in cash that I can't imagine the players will reject. On revenue upside, Andrew Brandt wrote that "this issue is being addressed with different proposals in current talks" which is very good news. They couldn't announce an agreement later this month without an agreement on the revenue upside.

I've been very pessimistic over the past couple weeks, but this really sounds promising. It's the best news I've read since learning that Aaron Rodgers is finally laying off the jelly beans.