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On Super Bowl Rings, Hall of Fame Career, and Shooting Hoops

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The big news for today is that the Green Bay Packers are having their private ring ceremony at Lambeau Field today. They don't just drop them in the mail to players anymore.

His team, his town, his ring. Vic Ketchman spoke with Mike McCarthy about the ring ceremony.

Daryn Colledge Joins Cheesehead Radio | Cheesehead TV. No transcript, but take a listen if you have some time.

Aaron Rodgers' Road To Canton: Off To A "Super" Start | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. I haven't thought at all about him in the Hall of Fame. I think those old guys who vote on players are reluctant to consider any quarterback who hasn't won a Super Bowl, so at least he's gotten that out of the way.

PACKERVILLE, U.S.A.: Shootin’ Hoops in 1963. Your 1963 Green Bay Packers Basketball Team! That's an amazing photo when considering now teams write into contracts that players can't do things like play basketball in the offseason. They used to encourage it.