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Tom Crabtree Is Impressed By His Stats

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Pro Football Focus is looking at pass blocking, and their next article is about tight ends. While the Green Bay Packers have been known to leave tight ends to block, no single player ranked among the top 15 for pass blocking snaps in 2010. With four tight ends logging significant playing time last season, they all shared in the opportunities.

But TE Tom Crabtree made the top 15 for pass blocking efficiency. He allowed 3 pressures while staying in to block on 63 snaps. That's a pretty good case for asking for more playing time. I don't recall him dropping any catchable passes last season, so there's no reason he wouldn't improve on his low regular season total of only 4 receptions. I'm certainly in favor of playing anyone who's good at keeping QB Aaron Rodgers from getting hit.

After reading it, Crabtree himself tweeted "Haha! Sweet!" so he might be thinking he's due for more playing time in 2011 too.