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The Packers Receive Their Super Bowl Rings

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Nearly every member of the Green Bay Packers with a Twitter account has posted a picture of their ring. Check out my list of players on Twitter if you want to look through it. My favorite picture is probably the one Clay Matthews posted of him alongside Aaron Rodgers.

Via JS Online are the official stats on their new rings:

"The crest of the ring features the Green Bay "G" logo crest in 18-karat yellow gold placed on a green stone tablet. Thirteen diamonds are embedded in the logo, each one representing the team's NFL-record 13 championships. The iconic logo is illuminated by round, brilliant-cut diamonds and four marquis-cut diamonds representing the Packers' four Super Bowl triumphs. Surrounding the crest are 92 diamonds which recognize the 92-year history of Green Bay Packers football."

As for the cost, the Packers are standing behind the company line: They say the NFL "pays for up to 150 rings at $5,000 per ring. Further information about the rings was not disclosed."

It's a big moment for all of them, but some players like Donald Driver and Charles Woodson have been waiting longer than others. From

"It can’t get any better than this. I was amazed. It was more than I expected. This is what me and Wood dreamed up," Driver said, referring to the ring. 

"It’s a beautiful ring. They couldn’t have made it any more spectacular. It’s the most incredible ring I’ve seen," Woodson said. "We’re going to start preparing for two."