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Super Bowl Ring Links: The Packers Celebrate

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The Green Bay Packers met in the atrium at Lambeau Field to receive their Super Bowl rings. It was a permitted exception from the lockout rules which have kept all players and coaches apart over the past couple months, so it was the first time they'd seen each other in a while. 

Super Bowl rings cherished throughout Packers' lives - JSOnline. Lori Nickel points out that this only the 2nd time they've had a ring ceremony. Vince Lombardi's teams received their rings in the mail.

Ring tells story of '10 and time. Charles Woodson spoke about "Mind, Goal, Purpose and Heart" during his postgame speech following their NFC Championship win, and those words are engraved on the rings.

Driver and Woodson celebrate. A video clip of Woodson and Donald Driver speaking with the media afterwards.

Green Bay Packers - Fan Collection. And I've already received an email from the Packers Pro Shop, complete with a Lord of the Rings like slogan, showcasing the themed jewelry available for sale. Neat, but not my thing.