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Where Will Ryan Longwell Play In 2011?

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Kevin Seifert provides a link and a partial transcript to an interview with former Green Bay Packers K Ryan LongwellFrom ESPN:

Appearing Friday morning on, Longwell made clear he intends to play in 2011 and said he "wouldn't mind going back" to the Vikings. Asked if he would consider returning to Green Bay if Packers place-kicker Mason Crosby moves on in free agency, Longwell laughed and said: "You never say never. You just don't know." 

The Packers special teams have been awful under coach Shawn Slocum, but he's been able to keep his job again this offseason. So I wouldn't be surprised if they did something odd under Slocum's leadership. But they haven't even brought in any training camp competition to challenge Mason Crosby, so I can't imagine they'd replace him with a player they let go a few years back. 

On the other hand, I'd be surprised if Longwell isn't playing somewhere in 2011. He might have the weakest leg in the NFL, but he'll get a boost because the new kickoff rules will start him at the 35 yard line. He's not a long range kicker, he only attempted two field goals of more than 40 yards last season, but he also went 17 for 18 on attempts. That reliability from within the 40 yard line should appeal to some team next season.