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On The Rings, Jordan Rodgers, NFL Labor, and NFC North Rankings

PACKERVILLE, U.S.A.: The Hardware Has Arrived! I provided some links yesterday to the photos of the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl rings, but this is the best single post I've seen with a variety of photos.

Video: The Making Of The Super Bowl Ring | Cheesehead TV More video on the making of the rings from Jostens.

Green Bay Packers: Champs Have Great Shot At Repeating, But Also Some Questions | PackerChatters A detailed look ahead to next season.

Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers Works Out With His Little Brother Jordan | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. I'm interested to see whether Jordan Rodgers gets a chance to start at Vanderbilt. Anchor of Gold says he's a wildcard in an open competition between six players. They also pointed out his interesting Twitter account which includes a love of spandex.

Some NFL Owners Pushing Back On Labor Deal | Cheesehead TV. It looks like some of the owners are ready to make a deal, and some are not. The owners will have their own internal negotiations to work out before they can move forward in their talks with the players.

Ultimate Standings: Trailing the Packers - NFC North Blog - ESPN. I posted a link earlier to the news that the Packers were number one. The rest of the NFC North didn't fair so well.