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Thursday Morning Green Bay Packers, NFL News And Links: Good Lord, Yesterday Was Thin

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It seems like a combination of things is happening in the world of NFL blogging and journalism. It's been three long months since the lockout began, and with nothing football-related happening, we're starting to run out of football-related things to talk about that do not pertain to the lockout. At the same time, everyone is anticipating the June 3 court ruling and what will happen next. The combination of those three things mean that absolutely nothing happened in the world of NFL and Green Bay Packers blogging and journalism on Wednesday. Thursday will not be any better, most likely. Friday? We'll have an explosion of content on our hands.

Despite my giant RSS feed and twitter list, I came across three stories that I found mildly interesting on Wednesday. THREE. Boy, this lockout really needs to end fast. - NFL doing little to help its brand

As the lockout drags on, and every piece of league news gets extra attention, NFL owners need to be wary of how their product is being perceived and damaging their league's brand, PFW's Mike Wilkening writes. 

If the Vikings move to LA, who will the Packers New NFC North Rival be? | AllGreenBayPackers.Com


Packers linemen put in practice time - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN

The Green Bay Packers offensive linemen, led by eight-year vet Scott Wells, got together to put in some onformal practice time and a little bonding as the lockout shows no signs of abating. Brandon wrote about this earlier, check it out.

Most days, I find eight to ten decent stories easily. The lull is now here. Hopefully Friday ends it for good.