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Not-Actually-So-Secret Negotiations Between Players And Owners Continue In Chicago

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Yes, I am allowing myself to get worked up about this. According to every media outlet on the planet, the NFL players and owners are holding 'secret' talks in Chicago ahead of the big court decision on the NFL Lockout, which will be handed down tomorrow. While Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith might be jerks with questionable negotiating tactics, neither is a stupid man and both are probably well aware of what the ruling is going to be tomorrow. As a result, they have likely decided to start negotiating ahead of time with the outcome of that ruling in mind.

I don't think that the lockout will be ended tomorrow, but I have a (perhaps naive) very, very good feeling about this. For the first time since...ever, I feel like both sides actually want to get a deal done to preserve not only the season, but training camp and preseason as well. I am making this statement based on zero insider knowledge.

I'm sorry for getting worked up and engaging in wild speculation, two things I don't normally do, but I can't help myself. I want football back! I EFFING LOVE FOOTBALL! I want our draft picks working with our offensive coaches. I want media talking to playing and coaching staff about workouts that both parties are engaged in, talking about the progress of players. I want to write columns salivating about our offense with a healthy Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley without worrying about whether or not games will be played this year.

Please let these talks be serious. Please.