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On Helmets, Free Agents, and Signing Free Agents

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Not a huge collection of links from around the web after all the reports from the Green Bay Packers ring ceremony last Thursday, but I've got a couple from over the weekend.

Charles Woodson's new helmet - JSOnline. He was the grand marshal for the Milwaukee 225 last weekend. Unfortunately low attendance has put the event's future in doubt

Green Bay Packers news | Green Bay Packers unrestricted free agents' prospects are mixed | Green Bay Press Gazette. This was from last Saturday, and points out that K Mason Crosby is probably their top priority to re-sign. But I was surprised to read that RB Brandon Jackson's chances to return are at 50-50. I'd think they were close to zero after they drafted RB Alex Green in the 3rd round.

Panthers have shot at FA record for silence - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN. Not a Packers-related link, but I'm surprised that the Packers aren't the top team at not signing unrestricted free agents. I guess they busted that mark by signing Clifton and Tauscher in 2010. They certainly don't sign other teams' free agents, and they usually let only players they don't want to keep to hit unrestricted free agency.

Instead it's the penny pinching Panthers, which isn't too surprising in hindsight because their owner Jerry Richardson is leading the charge to make sure the players overall take a pay cut in the next labor deal.