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NFL Lockout News: New CBA Rules Would Clear Up Free Agent Status Of Four Green Bay Packers

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It looks like this whole NFL lockout thing is going to be over sometime in July, as the owners and players have made some breakthroughs in their talks about a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. One aspect of the new CBA would allow players to become unrestricted free agents after four years of service, which was the pre-2010 standard. Before these new negotiations started, may believed that the owners were holding out to a requirement of six years of service before a player was eligible for unrestricted free agency.

This would affect four Green Bay Packers players: Mason Crosby, Daryn Colledge, James Jones, and John Kuhn.

Had the owners held out for a six year requirement in the new CBA, all four of those players would have been restricted free agents. Now, they will all be free to play the open market. Conventional wisdom around these parts seems to be that the Packers will attempt to re-sign all four, but in the cases of Jones and Colledge, the Packers will not offer a contract that is equal to or greater than the likely open market value of each player.

Do you think the future of any of these four players has been affected at all by the new CBA information leaks? Share your thoughts.