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Should The Packers Re-Sign All Their Unrestricted Free Agents?

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Just to follow up on Kevin's earlier article, I think the scramble to sign free agents, unrestricted, restricted, and undrafted, is going to be intense once it starts. The Green Bay Packers might want to play it safe and re-sign their own free agents as quickly as possible.

The recent progress in negotiations looks real because the owners don't appear to be up in arms about going back to a system that guarantees the players a percentage of revenue (instead of a fixed dollar amount as they wanted earlier). Based on the percentage of revenue the players are going to receive, I think there's going to be a cash floor that each team is going to have to spend. And I think teams are going to find themselves below it because they've been cautious signing free agents over the past couple years. Some teams could be looking to spend.

The free agent rush is expected to be like a reality show stampede, and while some teams are going to be looking to target players they've had on their radar for a while, the Packers might play it safe and lock up their own players quickly. They're probably better off keeping their own players then going after others they might not know as well. The one exception is that I still expect another team has DE Cullen Jenkins on their radar, and he'll sign elsewhere quickly.

There is a risk they'll overpay for someone, but at the same time each player might want to sign the first reasonable deal offered so they aren't lost in the free agent shuffle. While some teams could take that advice the wrong way and throw crazy dollars at a player, I don't expect the Packers to do that under any circumstances. Instead of letting a player test the water, like they did with LT Chad Clifton last year, they might want to make sure that the first offer Daryn Colledge, Mason Crosby, James Jones, and John Kuhn sees is from them.