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For When The NFL Lockout Is Over And The CBA Is Done: Make The Case For A Free Agent

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Usually when I write something, I like to make some kind of point. In this case, I'm going to encourage all of you to make a point. This site isn't about myself or Brandon, it's about the community discussions, so I thought I'd start a fun one today. While all it's all speculation at this point, it looks like the NFL lockout is coming to an end and that a new CBA is going to be ratified. This means that there will be an extremely brief and extremely crazy free agency period.

In the comments section, I want everyone to make the case for a free agent that was not under contract with the Green Bay Packers last season. Pick a player who is scheduled to become a restricted free agent when the lockout ends, then make a case for why the Packers should make that player an offer based on talent, team need, potential price, and whatever other criteria you deem to be important.

I'll definitely jump in, but I think you guys can get a really interesting discussion going on this topic and get people to consider things they haven't considered before. Have at it, and I look forward to the discussion.

Edit: Per Stroh's request, a list!