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On A.J. Hawk, Workouts, Anthony Smith, and NFL Labor

I've been distracted this morning as I've been dealing with a flat tire (all fixed now) and trying to figure out if the NBA draft tonight is really as bad as it looks (and it is). Brew Hoop says the Bucks should go with Colorado's Alec Burks, and they let the Badgers Jon Leuer slid all the way down to No. 30? Ugh. I'm sticking to the Green Bay Packers.

Packers Daily Links: Hawk Has Pin Taken Out of Wrist | Cheesehead TV. A.J. Hawk is feeling better and it's really helped his golf game.

Former Buckeye Hawk defends Tressel. Via Pro Football Talk is more on that conference call with Hawk mentioned above by Cheesehead TV. I don't really care about the Tressel stuff, but on player workouts:

"The great thing about Green Bay is we’re not banking on having any rookies coming in and play. We’re not putting in any new schemes. For us the main thing is making sure everyone is coming into camp in shape and on time. We have a lot of guys who are accountable and take care of their bodies this whole summer."

Anthony Smith To Return To Green Bay | Cheesehead TV. Really? They traded for him back in October only as an injury replacement. He was a bit of a failure in that regard because he was lost for the season due to injury shortly after the trade. I didn't expect him back. It probably didn't hurt him that the Packers only selected one defensive back in the draft.

Looming Questions for the Packers in a Post-Lockout NFL World | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. All good questions. I have an opinion as to each on what they should do, but no idea what they'll actually do. news: Owners, NFLPA regaining trust with 'all revenue' model. What a waste of time. The owners should have known the players wouldn't accept anything except a continued split of revenues by percentage. The players have been willing to negotiate the percentage number, but they'd never accept a salary cap and floor that wasn't tied to a percentage of revenue. Now they're back to where they should have been, negotiating the points that the the players will actually give-and-take on, and gone back to a shared revenue concept.