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La Canfora: Possible Training Camp Roster Expansion To 90 Players

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The Green Bay Packers did well last year signing LB Frank Zombo and CB Sam Shields to free agent contracts after they were undrafted. The NFL is considering expanding the roster to 90 (from 80) players at the start of training camp, which may give the Packers more hidden gems to discover. From

The competition committee has broached the idea of expanding training camp rosters for 2011, considering all of the offseason training activities and teaching time that has been lost, as well as the months of evaluation teams would normally have to work with depth players and prospects. The idea has been embraced by numerous general managers I spoke to this week and would receive significant support by their ranks if put to a vote.

There is no timetable for a vote yet and nothing tangible proposed, but expanding camp rosters to 90 or so players makes sense on many levels.

In a typical offseason, the Packers usual bring in several undrafted free agents for a tryout over a weekend, and they usually sign a few of those players. Instead the Packers may just sign those invited players and take a closer look at them over a couple weeks. On the other hand, this might reduce the pool of players to choose from as some of them may have better options with another team.