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The New CBA And Cullen Jenkins

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Stampede Blue has an update about labor negotiations and how franchise tags placed on players before the lockout will be honored, and contract tenders to players with four, five, or six years of service time will be ignored.

Brian Carriveau was discussing the franchise tag in relation to Green Bay Packers DE Cullen Jenkins, Brian's point is correct that the rules aren't in place yet, but it seems unlikely that any player currently without a franchise tag could still receive one in 2011. Also, there hasn't been any recent indication that the team has any interest in meeting his contract demands. Here's an article earlier this month from Pro Football Weekly:

It has been a foregone conclusion for some time now that, barring something totally unforeseen, Packers free-agent DRE Cullen Jenkins will be playing elsewhere in 2011. As far as potential replacements for Jenkins are concerned, most of the focus has been on muscle-bound second-year pro Mike Neal...

The way we hear it, the replacement of Jenkins could be much more of a joint effort than one might suspect, with fellow second-year pro C.J. Wilson also figuring prominently in the mix, primarily on run downs. 

It goes on to say even more good things about Wilson, who apparently surprised the team as a rookie. That replacement by committee is what I expected too, except it'll probably include some early down appearances by NT Howard Green too. Assuming he can keep his weight down, and make the team in training camp.