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Fuzzy Thurston Has Some Tax Problems

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Since I prepare tax returns at my day job, the news that the IRS has caught up to former Green Bay Packers OL Fuzzy Thurston was probably more interesting to me than to most Packer fans. The Press-Gazette reports that these unpaid taxes date back to 1978 through 1980 from a failed restaurant business. Since he's seemed like an active business man with his tickets and tours business, I'm not surprised he got involved in a business investment that went south at some point.

The IRS is still after him on such an old debt because it involves other peoples' tax withholdings. He withheld taxes from his employees and his restaurant business didn't turn it over to the IRS. Not paying your own income taxes is one thing, but failing to turn over someone else's taxes is something the IRS aggressively pursues and it holds the business owners accountable. I'm a little confused by the article, it seems like the government is still involved in the suit, but a private party was mentioned as the plaintiff. But all these matters originated when tax laws were different, and before I prepared tax returns.

Unfortunately he brought this on himself in some part. He might have been duped originally by his business partners about whether the taxes were withheld and paid to the IRS, but after a court ruled against him in 1984, he should have taken care of it. A bill that was $190,000 in 1984 has grown to $1.7 million after 25 years of added interest and penalties. I hope this turns out well for him, but he's been following some wrong advice for a while.