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Looking Back: Matt Flynn Throws A Perfect TD Pass To James Jones

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If any team is actually interested in trading for Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn, then they'll spend a lot of time looking at his only career start last December against the Patriots. He was far from perfect, but throwing 3 TD passes against a Super Bowl contender, in a late season night road game, is going to impress other teams. 

Over at the National Football Post, Matt Bowen breaks down film from the game. The clip he featured was a great pass from Flynn. While it helped that he wasn't being pressured, it was still a perfect throw in stride to WR James Jones. It should have been a tough pass between defenders, but Pro Bowl S Brandon Meriweather, who is well regarded around the NFL for some unknown reason (sure he's a big hitter, but he's not great in coverage), took a terrible angle on the play to give Jones room over the top. And Meriweather knocked his own teammate out of the play too.

Even without Meriweather's poor play, Flynn couldn't have thrown it any better, and he should give another team reason to believe he can help them win.