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Clay Matthews Poses While B.J. Raji Dances

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Clay Matthews is an obvious choice for the Green Bay Packers, but I wonder how B.J. Raji ended up filming a TV spot for the ESPY awards. From ESPN:

The ESPYs will again be hosted by "Saturday Night Live" head writer Seth Meyers. The campaign likens the ESPYs to prom night for the sports world, with Meyers as the chaperone. And just as the ESPYs bring together key sports figures, so does this very special prom, with attendees like Carmelo Anthony, Lindsey Vonn, Raji, John Wall, Matthews and Kevin Love. 

The link to the TV spots is here, if you haven't been watching much ESPN lately. Matthews is up for Best NFL Player. Aaron Rodgers is also up for Best NFL Player and also Best Male Athlete. I don't see Raji up for any award, but maybe I'm just blind to it. The ESPY's are not a show I ever watch, but I might make an exception this year if the Packers are so prominent in it.