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NFL Top 100 of 2011: Rodgers at No. 11, Woodson at No. 16, Matthews at No. 19

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Kinger87 wrote an earlier Fan Post, but I had more to say than would fit in a comment.

I was confused by Bucky Brooks's earlier article at, and now Aaron Rodgers has finally been ranked by the NFL Network. After a long drought in the rankings, WR Greg Jennings was the last Packer listed back at No. 74 overall, they've added three more Green Bay Packers to the Top 100 NFL Players of 2011.

I read about this first at Pro Football Talk, and while Mike Florio gets grief around here for being a Vikings fan (see this "controversy" back in January) he did consider Rodgers his No. 1 player. From PFT, with the list of the likely Top 10:

Here’s how we (I) would rank them, from No. 10 to No. 1, given that our (my) first choice for No. 1 (Rodgers) already is out:  Lewis, Peppers, Peterson, Revis, Reed, Johnson, Manning, Brees, Polamalu, Brady.

I'm not going to get bent out of shape about the low rankings for Rodgers, Charles Woodson, or Clay Matthews. Players appear to be receiving a bump for longevity, even Woodson, and that would help push Rodgers and Matthews down. If you're looking ahead to next season, that should weigh against players in their 30s, even great players like Ed Reed who has been rumored to have considered retirement, instead of giving them a bump up.

Plus the NFL Network lost me a while ago when they could only manage a No. 96 overall ranking by FS Nick Collins. I'd put him ahead of NT B.J. Raji, who was ranked No. 81 overall, if you were just looking at his own teammates. A list that doesn't rank him in at least the top 60 has not been paying attention to his past three seasons. I do have a hard time ranking him ahead of Jennings, though a case can be made for it.

And I will take a shot at Julius Peppers in the Top 10. He's a perfect fit for what the Bears defense needed last season, but that alone doesn't make him a Top 10 player. Pro Football Focus didn't even rank him as a Top 10 edge pass rusher, which is by far the best part of his game.