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Will The Packers Renegotiate Aaron Rodgers's Contract?

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While the Green Bay Packers have QB Aaron Rodgers signed out until the end of the 2014 season, there are a couple of interesting quarterback negotiations coming up for Peyton Manning and Drew Brees that might make the Packers reconsider what they're paying Rodgers. From Pro Football Talk:

Though Brees won’t get as much as Manning, the more Manning gets, the better for Brees.  Especially if the Saints end up using the franchise tag on Brees, since at that point Manning’s 2011 cap number (or, if the Saints use the exclusive version of the tag, Manning’s 2012 cap number) will provide one-fifth of the formula used to determine Brees’ base salary for 2012.

Manning received the franchise tag, and while it's possible the Colts leave him on a one-year deal because they won't have much time to negotiate a long-term deal after the lockout is lifted, I expect he'll force them to give him a multi-year deal. That shouldn't be too much of a problem because I'm sure the Colts want to keep him for the rest of his career.

But it's going to be a big deal that could lead to another big contract for Brees after he becomes eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2012. After both Brees and Manning re-sign, it could make Rodgers's annual base salary look too low.

The Packers have a recent history of making sure their players receive appropriate annual salaries based on the market.  For example, CB Charles Woodson received a two-year extension right after CB Darrelle Revis got a new mega deal that set a new ceiling on cornerback salaries. 

Rodgers isn't going anywhere, but keep it in mind that when the Packers are looking at signing other free agents, they'll likely have to renegotiate Rodgers's contract above his scheduled base salary as it was set in 2008. His base salary will probably be too low compared to the elite quarterbacks, and they might give him a significant raise as soon as the new market is set for the best quarterbacks.