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No Packer Running Back In The Top 10 - Time To Look At Free Agents?

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With the Green Bay Packers built around their passing offense, and with a lost 2010 season by RB Ryan Grant, it's no surprise that they didn't have a running back listed in the top 10 over the past three seasons by Pro Football Focus. If Grant had replicated his 2009 season in 2010, then he might have gotten into the discussion. 

With the selection of RB Alex Green in the 3rd round, and the return of Grant from injury, this position isn't a priority in free agency and I'd be surprised if they'll do anything at running back. They might re-sign FB John Kuhn, who should return as a fullback only. Grant, Green, and RB James Starks will battle for playing time at running back. 

But if the Packers did want to upgrade at running back, three of the Top 10 players according to Pro Football Focus are free agents. 

No. 10, Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw. He's very productive, but I don't like his fumbling problems (7 in 2010). He didn't receive the franchise tag, but he should be a top priority for the Giants to re-sign. He'll get paid like a starter from the Giants, or some other team, and I'd be surprised if it was the Packers.

No. 8, Redskins RB Clinton PortisI wrote about him back in February, and I could see him making sense for them as a replacement for free agent RB Brandon Jackson. But then they drafted Green last April, and I can't see either Portis or the Packers having any interest in him as a potential 4th string back.

No. 6, Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams. Since the Panthers have been so cheap with unrestricted free agents, he's likely to be looking for a new team. Based on 2008 and 2009, he'd be an upgrade for the Packers, but his 2010 season was bad (for him) due to a leg injury and there might have been some signs of concern even pre-injury. Whether he could even provide an upgrade over Grant, due to his recovery from injury, is a question mark.

As I wrote above, I'm not expecting or wanting them to sign a free agent running back. But I'm listing the options available.