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Video: Herman Edwards' Speech At NFLPA Rookie Symposium Is Super Awesome

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With the normal NFL-sanctioned rookie symposium off the schedule as a result of the NFL lockout (which is probably ending in the next couple of weeks, yay!), the NFLPA, which isn't actually a union right now, is holding an alternative rookie symposium. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is speaking there, which is a really, really good sign, but he's just one of many speakers. One of those speakers is Herman Edwards, and thanks to ESPN and the NFLPA, we have video of his absolutely spectacular speech.


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I think my favorite part of the speech was the rant about bling and only having one piece of expensive jewelry. The good thing about stuff like this is that it seems like common sense when someone says it, but if you've been told about how awesome you are for a few years, you don't realize it's all common sense until someone who you respect says all of those words.

And above all, the delivery makes it. It should come as no surprise that the man behind the legendary "You play to win the game" and "Put your name on it" press conferences can deliver a speech in this manner, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.