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James Jones Had A Dream Of A Free Football Camp

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I loved this profile about Green Bay Packers WR James Jones.

There are so many stories about prima donnas in the NFL, and not enough stories about guys like him who are keeping life simple. I don't care how a player acts off the field, so long as it's a legal activity. But I'd like to see more stories about guys like Jones. NFL players aren't just attention seekers and star quarterbacks. From the Press-Gazette:

When one of the littlest campers lost his shoe, the 6-foot-1, 208-pound Jones knelt down and laced the cleats up tight. When a drill required kids to be whopped with a foam pad as they tried to make a catch, Jones personally handled the whopping. He nailed ’em good, too, sending the boys giggling to the turf. "We’re going to rough you up a little bit. We don’t need no crybabies," Jones cracked.

I'm not sure I want the Packers to make a big push to re-sign him. He had a few too many drops last season, and missed some time due to injuries in the past, which has hurt is overall production. But then you see him make that catch against one of the better young cornerbacks in the NFL, and you know he has the potential.