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Concealed Guns Might Be Allowed At Lambeau Field

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With a new concealed carry law expected to be signed, here's some background from the Journal-Sentinel, the Green Bay Packers might be the first NFL to allow concealed guns at games. Because the stadium is a government owned building, it may have to let them in by state law, which would supersede the NFL rule banning them. From Fox 11 (via Pro Football Talk):

Wisconsin is expected to become the 49th state that allows concealed carry. That means adults with permits and proper training can bring a concealed hand gun into public buildings and state parks but what about Lambeau Field?

"I don't know enough about Wisconsin's specific law to know if the stadiums are exempt or not or can be exempt," said Stadium district Executive Director, Pat Webb.

The bill prohibits concealed carry in buildings owned or leased by the state... says that language just adds to the confusion.

“The building itself is a government owned building, but whether it's considered a government building for the definitions of any kind of law, I don't know that at this point in time,” said Webb.

The news has already lead to some mocking. Nightmare Scenario: Cheesehead with a gun - Windy City Gridiron.

UPDATE: Even more mocking. Great News: Concealed Weapons Could Potentially Be In Play At Lambeau - Daily Norseman