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The NBA Is Becoming Like The NFL

While the NBA can only wish it was like the NFL, it will be joining them in becoming the second major sports league to lockout it's players. From SB Nation:

An NBA lockout was the league's "only option" at this point, said commissioner David Stern shortly after news broke that the franchise owners would institute a work stoppage beginning at 12:01 a.m. ET Friday. Stern and deputy commissioner Adam Silver spoke in a televised press conference just before 4 p.m. ET Thursday.

I haven't been following the NBA labor battle anywhere as closely as the NFL one, but it looks a lot worse. The owners want the players to take a major pay cut. While I'd be surprised if the NFL misses any regular season games, I expect the NBA to have a shorten, or maybe even a lost, 2011-12 season. The one thing the NBA won't have is that their players will not decertify their union.