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Packers Promote Eliot Wolf

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This wouldn't be nearly as interesting if he weren't the son of former GM Ron Wolf. Now he's the Green Bay Packers Assistant Director of Player Personnel. From the Press-Gazette:

Wolf, 29, has served as assistant director of pro personnel the last three years after spending his first four seasons working as a pro personnel assistant.

Wolf’s duties have included scouting NFL teams and college players during the offseason. He has taken an active role in the Packers’ draft preparations.

On the one hand, this might just be a more appropriate title. If he's heavily involved in the draft, it doesn't make sense that his title says he's on the pro personnel side. While he appears to do a lot of pro scouting during the season, he's working on the draft after the season, so he's scouting both types of players. His duties and status in the front office might not be changing at all. That's the impression I get as I read GM Ted Thompson's statement.

Overall it's pretty impressive that someone under 30 has already received a couple front office promotions.