APC Open Thread #12: Emissary

Hello, football fans, and welcome to the 24-hour APC Open Thread! Feel free to discuss  Many thanks to Brandon for allowing this silliness.

There are other Open Threads around SBN. Feel free to drop by any of them.

Battle Red Blog, home of the AFC South Eternal Threads. Very welcoming group of people, with quite the mix of Colts, Texans, and the occasional Jags fan.

Niners Nation, home of the San Francisco 49ers...

Pride of Detroit Open Threads. Division Rivals they may be, BUT they are a good group of people. Respect them, and they should respect you.

Pats Pulpit, with their JATs. They're fairly welcoming, unless you decide to go in gunports open and weapons blazing. Seriously, don't do that.

Bleeding Green Nation's OTs have gone quiet for now, but they're still there.

Rules of the thread:




NO NAME-CALLING OTHER POSTERS ON THIS BLOG. There will be other people who stop by this thread. Yes, this is a Packers blog.Please refrain from trolling others, even virulent fans of rival teams. If you want a trash-talk thread (like the one we had in the Super Bowl), I can make one.


Since we've had a little...issue...with people posting NSFW pictures, please keep in mind that some people might well read this thread at work. If you're going to post a picture that might be considered Not Safe For Work in any way, shape, or form, post a link to it instead of embedding it in the comment. That way, nobody gets in trouble.

If you were one of the people who rec'd the previous open thread to move it to the Recommended FanPosts section, please go back to that previous thread now and un-rec it. That way, the previous thread will move out of that section, and these won't be cluttering APC as much.

With those rules in mind, have fun.


Perhaps the most unforgettable opening episode of any Star Trek series.

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