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Washington Post: On Player Organized Workouts

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Over at the League on Washington, I wrote about the various player workouts organized around the NFL. As long as no player suffers a major injury, I think the workouts do no harm and help players keep in touch. But I don't see how they'd give teams a competitive advantage if the coaches aren't there too. From The League:

A real beneficiary to these workouts are the receivers and their quarterbacks who can work on their timing. While Drew Brees has apparently had a successful workout, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers admits it's very difficult to get him and his teammates together. Maybe they were able to arrange a workout time when they met for Donald Driver's charity softball game. Their head coach, Mike McCarthy, certainly sees some value in workouts to help with "team building" and "developing as a group."

Shortly after I finished writing it, I read the comments by former linebacker Tedy Bruschi criticizing the Packer team leaders for failing to organize workouts. From Pro Football Talk:

"I’m very surprised at the leadership that they have on this team, that they’re not going to get together," Bruschi said. "Being the Super Bowl champions, you’d think they’d want to repeat. We’re into June. It’s June now. You’ve had your little celebration the week after the Super Bowl. It’s time to move on. I think that they’re still worried about celebrating and basking in the glory of being a Super Bowl champion is a little bit worrisome if I were a Green Bay Packers fan."

His comments didn't change my mind, I'm more inclined to trust that Donald Driver and Aaron Rodgers know what they're doing, but not everyone agrees.