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NFC North Links On Player Workouts, Surgery, and Free Agents

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Detroit Lions Players Resume Workouts (News From Monday's Session) - Pride Of Detroit. Probably the biggest story in the NFC North this week is that the Lions organized a good turnout (28 players) at their workouts.

Where In The World Is Ndamukong Suh? - Pride Of Detroit. He didn't make it for the player workouts, but no one doubts he'll return as a force in 2011.

Lions' Nate Burleson To Have Minor Elbow Surgery - Pride Of Detroit. Their prized free agent signing in 2010 didn't have a great first season in Detroit. And now he's recovering from elbow surgery. That's not a huge setback.

Bears free agency possibilities: WR versus CB - Windy City Gridiron. And the consensus is that they need help at both positions. They didn't draft a wide receiver last April, and the DB they drafted (Chris Conte in the 3rd round) is probably a safety only. 

Player Spotlight: Cornerback Zackary Bowman - Windy City Gridiron. They had high hopes for him in 2010, but he lost his starting job early and didn't have an impact (10 pass defenses and 6 INTs in 2009, 0 and 0 in 2010). He'll get another chance to start in 2011.

Is There Any Chance That Plaxico Burress Winds Up In Minnesota? - Daily Norseman. Oh boy. Good luck with that.

Peter King Says Matt Hasselbeck Could Be In Play For Minnesota - Daily Norseman. Because they can't get their fill of former Packer quarterbacks. But seriously, if they want a veteran to start for a couple of years while Christian Ponder adjusts to the NFL, Hasselbeck is the bye far the best free agent. Other QBs like Donovan McNabb and Carson Palmer will have to be released or traded.