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FO: Clay Matthews Is An Exceptional Tackler

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The Green Bay Packers defense is very good at avoiding moments when a good play by the offense turns into a big one. They're not flawless, that's an unreasonable expectation, but when they're preventing big plays, it's often due to sound tackling.

Aaron Schatz at Football Outsiders took a closer look at broken tackles in 2010 and one Packer was at the top of the list with zero broken tackles and 53 made tackles for the season:

Don't make too much out of the fact that our game charters did not record Clay Matthews with a single broken tackle. There's a good chance we missed one at some point. What's important is that he had very few broken tackles, possibly zero.

Agreed. While that stat is impressive, and no other Packer was listed with such a low rate, I think it's just as important that no Packer made the list with the highest broken tackle rate. Preventing big plays is a responsibility of the entire defense. They all have to prevent the overall scheme from breaking down.