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Vikings Stadium Plans On Hold (For The Moment)

The Minnesota Vikings quest for a new stadium has two major roadblocks. The first is a matter of bad timing, as they're caught up in a bigger political battle in Minnesota. From Daily Norseman:

As Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican leaders in the Legislature inexplicably let the state government come to a screeching halt, the momentum the Vikings had been building towards getting a stadium deal done during a special session has now come to a screeching halt as well. The Wilfs have smartly backed off their push for new digs while thousands of Minnesotans will be adversely affected by the shutdown, and that's a smart move.

The second problem is that there is still a funding gap to make the stadium a reality. From the Star Tribune:

The source also said the cost of the stadium, as figured by Mortenson Construction, is still at $1 billion, not $800 million. While the Wilf family has agreed to furnish the $407 million they originally agreed to contribute, plus additional money they pledged in a recent meeting with the governor, there has been no agreement on spending less than $1 billion on the stadium. But this is something that could be negotiated.