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Mike McCarthy Is Glad It's Not His Receiver

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was interviewed a couple weeks back, and he had this to say about player organized workouts. From Sports Radio Interviews:

Should the Packers players be practicing on their own?:

"I’m more interested in them being together as a group for Greg Jennings’ event or Donald Driver’s event. I think that’s as important as them going onto the field and trying to manufacture a practice. I think anytime you have a group of people, especially professionals, there’s other factors involved that obviously have to deal with risk. Part of our business in the training environment is risk assessment.

That was some quality coach-speak, but to paraphrase, he would rather his players play golf or softball than get hurt trying to organize a practice without the coaches and trainers present.

I mention this because he was trying to avoid a situation like this. From SB Nation:

The San Francisco 49ers, like many other teams, have been conducting player-only practices during the NFL lockout. They've been dubbed "Camp Alex" referring to QB Alex Smith, who has spear-headed the sessions. WR Michael Crabtree participated in the initial practices but left with some sort of injury.

It turns out he injured his foot, but according to SF Gate, it's a mystery as to "how hurt he is." And since the lockout is still on, he can't meet with his coaches but they may know the severity because they can discuss the matter with the team's doctors who the players are still allowed to see.

A foot injury and a wide receiver is never a good combination. And I'm glad it didn't happen to any receiver on the Packers.