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Around The NFC North: Last Week In Detroit

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Barry Sanders Shares His Two Favorite Game Memories - Pride Of Detroit. It's been while since he's played, but they haven't had a lot of great memories since he retired.

Where The Lions Roster Stands: Defensive End - Pride Of Detroit. Their best unit is their defensive line. While Suh is obviously a tackle, they have a lot of depth at end too.

'Ndamukong 3000' Series Debuts On - Pride Of Detroit. Speaking of their defensive star, he's been involved in a series of webisodes at where you can watch him travel Europe and get pulled over in Spain.

Drew Stanton To Explore The Market When Free Agency Opens - Pride Of Detroit. The former 2nd round pick had been a Matt Millen bust, but he probably extended his NFL career during a stretch of three starts late last season. He had two quality games against the Bears and Buccaneers, with an awful start against the Packers sandwiched in the middle. He's not that good, but there are some teams (Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Titans, Redskins to name a few) that are expected to start quarterbacks who may be even worse than him.